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Flow House Pricing | The Flow House @ Splash Zone Water Park - Wildwood, NJ

Bringing the California surf lifestyle to Wildwood!

Flow House Wildwood is the Ultimate Urban Beach Club entertainment venue pioneering the action water sport of Flowboarding in New Jersey!

Our Lifestyle:

Flow House Wildwood! is one of only five Flow Houses in the world that stretch from California to the UK to South Africa to Singapore and now Wildwood!

Located at Cedar Ave and Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ, Flow House Wildwood features Flow Bar, our new full service bar, outdoor dining, and a private function area. Flow House Wildwood is the perfect location for sports enthusiasts, families and beach lovers who want some hot surfing action or just a chilled out spot to relax and have some delicious comfort food.

How We Roll:

At the beating heart of Flow House Wildwood is the Double FlowRider, a purpose-built wave machine that creates a perpetual sheet wave perfect for stand-up surfing and body-boarding. The ride surface is made up of a soft plastic composite so if you wipe-out then rest assured you’ll be straight back up on your feet ready to surf again.

Flow House Wildwood is a destination like no other. Come experience Flow House Wildwood. We have Great Food, Cool Drinks, Perfect Waves… Every day!