The Flowrider

The FlowRider® generates a thin sheet of water which flows over a hill like shape in the form of a flawless ocean wave. The resulting wavelike shape and fast running water gives athletes of all ages the thrill of surfing. The FlowRider® is a unique innovation in water rides that is fun for everyone from kids to adults, but especially for that 13 – 29 age group; those who are so historically hard to impress, but who become addicted to the thrill and challenge of riding the FlowRider.    The... READ MORE

Flowboarding is a hybrid boardsport, which has been evolving since the 1980’s. The sport combines the progression, maneuvers, and skills from the core action sports of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding and to a lessor extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding. These boardsports have a strong influence on flowboarding’s direction, style, and energy. Amateur to top professional action sports athletes find flowboarding to be one more pumping board sport to fix their adrenaline needs, as well as... READ MORE

Before riding the FlowRider® Double, the manufacturer and the state of New Jersey require all participants to watch a video and complete a waiver.  Riders must be over 42" to ride body boarding.  Riders must be over 52" and under 250 pounds to ride Stand Up.  Any riders over 50 years old must be certified to ride Stand Up.  Please see our staff for details.  It's always better to be safe and understand the activity in which you are going to participate. All riders must read and complete a... READ MORE

Rules of Riding      •    All riders must present a government photo identification in order to ride      •    You must be over 42" to bodyboard on the FlowRider      •    You must be over 52" to ride standup on the FlowRider and under 250 pounds      •    If you are over 50 years old you must be certified by our staff to ride standup.  Please contact us for details      •    Riders under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian with a valid photo         identification present to... READ MORE